About Us

Alpha Chi Omega was founded on October 15th, 1885 at Depauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Professor James Hamilton Howe, Dean of the Music School, invited seven young women from the school to attend a meeting for the purpose of forming a society.  Anna Allen Smith, Olive Burnett Clark, Bertha Deniston Cunningham, Amy Dubois Reith, Nellie Gamble Childe, Bessie Grooms Keenan and Estelle Leonard came together seeking “friendship, artistic society and advancement of the principles of true womanhood.” 


Alpha Chi Omega, the Delta Nu chapter was established at Iowa State University March 18th, 1961. Alpha Chi Omega is 1 of 16  sororities in the Collegiate Panhellenic Council at Iowa State University. 


Open Motto: Together Let Us Seek The Heights

Patron Goddess: Hera, Guardian of Women 

Nicknames: A Chi O, AXO, Alpha Chi 

Colors: Olive Green and Scarlet Red



Flower: Red Carnation

Symbol: Grecian Lyre and Pearl

A Letter From The President

Hi everyone, 

It is an honor to welcome you to the Delta Nu chapter of Alpha Chi Omega! Delta Nu consists of 125+ real strong women who come together under the 5 values of Alpha Chi Omega:

  1. Leadership

  2. Character development

  3. Academics

  4. Financial Responsibility 

  5. Personal growth

I decided to become a panhellenic woman to find passionate and like-minded women who would help me grow into a strong, caring, and passionate woman. I knew that throughout college I would grow as an individual, so a group that wanted to support me in this growth was crucial. When I talked with the women of Alpha Chi, I knew they were interested in not only who I was, but also who I wanted to be. Because of Alpha Chi Omega and its members, I am more understanding, caring, passionate, and stronger, but these are not the only things I have become! Because of my sisters I have discovered many things about myself that I may have never discovered if I had not been influenced by them. I found a group of like-minded women, but I think the greatest treasure of our sisterhood lies in the ways that we are different. The diverse personalities, hobbies, and goals of my sisters have pushed me out of my comfort zone and into new places I had never thought I would reach! Our strength lies in celebrating the things we all do as a group and even more in in cheering one another on as we accomplish things alone. Everyone deserves the love, encouragement, and support that I have experienced from the women of Alpha Chi Omega! Everyone deserves to feel loved and celebrated for events big and small, whether this is an A on an exam or getting a job after college! We promise to stand with you and celebrate you and what we can all do together, and when things don’t go how you have planned, we promise to stand by you again and help you decide what the next step is! 

Alpha Chi Omega’s rich history and vast resources are so beneficial to the collegiate experience and beyond. Academic support, scholarships, networking, leadership opportunities, etc. are always available along with the sisterhood to support you throughout your lifetime. The beautiful and genuine sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega is something that myself and the women of Delta Nu will never take for granted. I am so proud to call the women of Alpha Chi Omega my sisters.


Reagan Duwe 

Chapter President 



Please feel free to reach out with any questions!