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Our women value and excel academically at Iowa State. In 2018, Delta Nu was awarded the Presidents Award for Excellence.


The Delta Nu chapter of Alpha Chi Omega holds a GPA of 3.29, a 0.06 increase from the prior semester. Our Vice President of Intellectual Development, Sammy Rooney's goal for our chapter's academics are a 3.33 for this coming Fall 2019 fall semester.


With the transition from high school to collegiate courses, Alpha Chi Omega strives to encourage and assist in the academic success of all our members. Sammy Rooney is dedicated to creating strong relationships with all of our new members and active members to ensure academic success. She does a wonderful job of helping connect sisters with helpful resources, study tips and sisters in the same majors. Sammy has creative and helpful ways to ensure that our new members are fully equipped with any and all resources from the first day of membership.


Alpha Chi Omega recognizes and rewards the women who go above and beyond during a Scholarship Dinner that is held every semester. Workshops are also held throughout the semester to educate women on ways to improve their academic skills and to develop networks and connections to help jumpstart their future careers.


The chapter house has a 24 hour quiet study room utilized by our sisters, and we follow the same rules for the dorms of 23/7 hour quiet hours during dead weeks and finals to ensure the best possible atmosphere for our sisters during those stressful weeks.


We encourage our sisters to build their character and personal development with studying abroad. It not only opens up a new form of learning, but expands their academic courses and worldview. We are proud of each sister that takes this huge step and are still supporting them from across the globe. Last semester we had 4 women studying in Australia, Singapore and Hawaii. Some other destinations sisters have gone are: France, Italy, Ireland, China, Czech Republic and Spain.


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