Academic Interest is one of the five significant values that women in Alpha Chi Omega uphold here at Iowa State. With academics being such a prominent part of our chapter, we strive to recognize and reward the excelling women along with supporting those who are in need of extra help. 

In 2018, our Delta Nu chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was awarded the President's Award of Excellence. Along with that, our overall chapter GPA has been on the steady increase, standing currently at 3.34. 

To promote academic interest within Delta Nu, our chapter facility has a 24 hour quiet study room, multiple study files, and an academic buddy program. Our academic buddy program pairs women in similar majors and encourages them to go on study dates, talk about their classes, and be an overall support system for each other. 

Delta Nu works to jumpstart professional life outside of Iowa State as well. Workshops discussing networking, resumes, and business ventures are offered throughout the semester to encourage and assist academic success not only while attending Iowa State but post-grad as well. 

With all of that, we promote academic success with Scholarship Dinners, Lyre on Fire, and Sister of the Week. These programs ensure that women are recognized and rewarded for their academic success.