Our Home

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The Alpha Chi Omega Chapter House, affectionately referred to as 301 Lynn, is located at 301 Lynn Avenue, the second closest sorority house to campus.


The facility was renovated in 2011, which expanded the house to include a chapter room large enough to seat 125 people for dinner, an exercise room, and a brand new laundry room. During the renovation, the breakfast area was remodeled and received milk and juice machines as well as a 24 hour salad bar. Another recent renovation in 2015 provided us with brand new, up to date and expanded bathrooms on second and third floors, and in the summer of 2017 the living room was redone. In 2018 the second and third floor were painted and there is new carpet as well as our main floor and guest bathrooms have been updated and equipped with granite counter tops. 


The house has 5 styles of living, housing up to 50 members. Women are able to experience living with 1-5 roommates. Freshmen are welcome to move in if space allows. The members enjoy the many benefits including a cook and waiters providing lunch Monday-Friday and dinner Monday-Thursday, kitchenettes on 2nd and 3rd floors, a housekeeper, parking available for all members, a pop machine, wireless internet, free laundry, and a guest bedroom for female guests.



Our living room is the central area of activity in the house, featuring a huge comfy couch also affectionately referred to as "Big Red". You will always find women hanging out here. While there are multiple social areas throughout the house, academics is one of Alpha Chi Omega's primary values. To accomadate this, we provide an individual study room, as well as a 24 hour quiet study room in our basement available to all members, study files, free printing and 24/7 quiet throughout the entire house during finals and dead week.  

With questions about our facility, contact our Vice President of Facility Operations at deltanuvpfo@iastate.edu