A Letter From VP of Recruitment

Primary Recruitment is a chance for each potential new member to meet every sorority Iowa State University has to offer. Recruitment is a very exciting time for the members of Alpha Chi Omega! This is the time to welcome potential new members into our home and get a glimpse of our amazing sisterhood. As women of Alpha Chi Omega, we are driven by our values of academic interest, character, leadership, financial responsibility, and personal development. Alpha Chi Omega is a place with incredibly driven women who will push you to be the best version of yourself. It is a place where you will be welcomed with open arms. A place where you’ll find some of the most authentic individuals who will support you through anything in life. As you go through primary recruitment, know you’ll find your home away from home and find a group of women who will empower you along your journey at Iowa State and beyond.


Shay Schares
VP of Recruitment



A Letter From the Recruitment Team


Remember to stay true to yourself throughout the recruitment process! Show each chapter what makes you YOU. Each and every woman going through recruitment has amazing things to offer the sororities here at Iowa State University. Recruitment can be an overwhelming process, but keep an open mind and focus on what each chapter can provide you. Trust the process, you will find where you are meant to be!

Alpha Chi Omega Recruitment Team



If interested in joining through informal recruitment please contact:

Ellie Boeve

VP Recruitment Information




Why Alpha Chi 

“I joined Alpha Chi because of how great the environment is and how fun and approachable every member is. Once I walked in, I knew that this was my home and where I was supposed to be. I have connected with and made so many new friends that will last a lifetime!!“



Abbey Quaid


“From day one of recruitment I loved Alpha Chi. I talked to Sophie Hathaway and even after just five minutes of talking, it felt like I knew her and like we were friends. When I spoke with the women of Alpha Chi I felt like I could be the goofy version of myself. Choosing AXO was an easy choice and I could not be happier. I continuously feel empowered and inspired by the women of our chapter. Alpha Chi has allowed me to become the best version of myself and coached me through it every step of the way. Alpha Chi Omega has given me lifelong friendships and I could not be more thankful to call 301 Lynn home.“


Lizzy Cavitt

“I joined Alpha Chi Omega because of the genuine and uplifting women who made Alpha Chi Omega feel like home. Joining the sisterhood was an easy process because of the inviting and positive culture I was welcomed into! I am constantly surrounded by strong women who are always there for me, this is definitely something I never take for granted. Alpha Chi Omega has provided me with amazing leadership opportunities that have made me a more empowered, passionate, empathetic, positive leader, student, and sister. Joining Alpha Chi Omega is easily one of the best decisions I ever made!”

Emelia Lowe

“I instantly fell in love with Alpha Chi Omega from day one when I talked to Reece about fruit roll ups during recruitment. I had the most goofy, genuine and comforting conversations which made me know I found the women that were the right fit for me. I instantly felt like I had found my forever home which hasn’t changed for four years now.

I have been inspired from the ambitious women in our chapter which allowed me to realize my full potential and become a better version of myself. I am thankful for the constant support and lifelong friends of all ages I have made. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us and know I always have 301 Lynn to call home.”



Sophie Hathaway


“When looking into joining a sorority freshman year through COB I was very indecisive if it was the thing for me, the second I met with the womenof Alpha Chi Omega all my doubts were suddenly gone. The amount of comfort and support I received after just meeting the women, I instantly felt at home. Throughout my time in Alpha Chi Omega I have had nonstop support in every way from celebrating my academic successes with my sisters and to always having a shoulder to cry on. I truly believe because of Alpha Chi Omega I am able to grow into the best version of myself and get cheered on throughout it all. I have truly done it all with my sisters from taking a girls trip to Texas and having karaoke parties on second floor while living in.”



Amanie Altall