AUGUST 17TH-22nd 2018

Primary recruitment occurs each fall before classes start, beginning on Saturday August 11th and concluding on the 16th of August with Bid Day. Throughout this process women speak to members of each chapter and create connections with chapters whose values overlap with their own. As the week continues girls return to the houses by a mutual selection process. Each year primary recruitment helps hundreds of women find the right chapter for them. Learn more about formal recruitment at Iowa State here!

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AUGUST 22nd 2018

Bid day concludes primary recruitment each year. The morning of Bid Day, women gather around central campus with the recruitment groups and their Rho Gammas. Women are handed their bid cards, but are not allowed to open the card until the campanile strikes the hour. Once they open it, they run to their new homes and sisters.


Secondary recruitment

Secondary Recruitment is a wonderful opportunity to join a sorority post-primary recruitment. It is a more relaxed setting and circumstances, and the timeline is more flexible than primary recruitment. Women will get to know our sisters through coffee dates and lunches and eventually a house tour. This generally begins a week or two after the closure of primary recruitment.

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Alpha Chi Omega also holds secondary recruitment when membership space is available. If you or a friend is interested, let us know below!


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